Changing places…

“Apple today could make a lowball bid to buy Sun Microsystems using just the cash they’ve earned in the last six months.”

Daring Fireball Linked List: We’re All Lucky Scott McNealy Is a Tightwad

That’s interesting but even more of an interesting thought experiment is “what would a Sun owned Apple look like”. I imagine that they would have radically changed the company into something that made terminals to connect to the Sun servers. 

The iPod and it’s need for local data would never have seen the day.

When the client is the expert…

This is great. The client is a network expert, on the other side is a telco that has trouble getting to the root of an issue when it is shared between twenty engineers. 

Add to this that they’ve made their ticketing system visible to their clients and the results are great…

Advogato: Blog for dwmw2

It’s not bad for everyone…

“Up in the Champagne region, they are not panicking since the overall volume fall is expected to reach only three percent this year and exports will slide only about one percent thanks to demand from the east. Rich Russians are still loading up on the very high-end brands such as Cristal and sales to China are expected to rise by about 15 percent this year after 30 percent in 2007.”

Charles Bremner – Times Online – WBLG: The American party is over for champagne


Sleeping well?

“Mr Krugman gave his verdict on current efforts to stem the global financial meltdown, saying: “I’m slightly less terrified today than I was on Friday.”

BBC NEWS | Americas | Krugman wins Nobel for economics

Interesting view…

“Apple started doing stores because nobody wanted to sell their PCs. Okay?”

Ballmer: Macs Don’t Get the Full MS Office, Don’t Work in Business || The Mac Observer

Even if it’s true you can be sure that they’re glad they did it now.

Er, no…

See if you can spot what’s wrong with the bit in bold…

“The response to the map has been amazing: Journalism blogs have linked to it, journalists have criticised it, BBC Backstage featured it, mapping sites liked it, Ariel (the in-house staff newspaper) wrote about it, The Guardian copied it, the Red Cross made it into an education exercise, and even the BBC’s dotlife and Google’s Lat/Long blogged about it.”

Stuart Pinfold >

Well nothing, unless it links to this blog. Which it does! It links here.

So where to start?

1. I’m not a journalist; 

2. I didn’t criticise the map, in fact it’s brilliant. I used it to critize where the journalists where in the world and the priorities of the BBC.

The map continues to be brilliant, although I’m amazed that there is nobody in Iceland this week!