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Interesting view…

“Apple started doing stores because nobody wanted to sell their PCs. Okay?”

Ballmer: Macs Don’t Get the Full MS Office, Don’t Work in Business || The Mac Observer

Even if it’s true you can be sure that they’re glad they did it now.

iMac working again…

So how did I get the iMac working again?

Simple, I put in the installation DVD and went 24 hours back in time.

Apple – Mac OS X Leopard – Features – Time Machine

I’m amazed how well it worked; you’ve got to love technology like that.


“Apple appears to have other plans to further innovation around its Multi-Touch platform that will reduce its reliance on chip designs conceived largely by third parties.”

AppleInsider | Steve Jobs: it’s time we design our own iPhone and iPod chips

If you read the business papers, they give the impression that all hardware is now a commodity, that everything is assembled from off the shelf parts. Either they’re wrong or Apple is about to change that.

It just shows that very few things are really commodities.

Cars by Apple…

“An absolutely superb customer experience and once again gives a lot of weight to what Jobs says: when you control the hardware and the software (and, it turns out, the point of sale) then the integrated experience you can give to the consumer is nothing short of superb. I bet there is not a single phone on the market made by anyone else that could reproduce this experience.”

Parisblog: Apple Fanboy moment

What this actually shows is how bad most customer experiences are. You spend tens of thousands of Euros on a car and you can’t get service like this!

MacBook Air…

“The key to understanding the appeal of the Air is that you’ve got to stop thinking about technical specs as the primary factors. Here’s an analogy: the MacBook Air is like a sporty convertible coupe. You buy one not for practical reasons, but because it is satisfying to own something beautiful and clever and fun.”

Daring Fireball: The Appeal of the MacBook Air

If John’s right, and he normally is, this really is the end of the old hardware business.

The “you can have any color as long as it is beige” period of development is over. So is the market to split like the car market.

We can have the MiniVan PCs, the sports PCs, the executive PCs, the hummer PCs, the city PCs and they’ll all be built on the same basic chassis and only rarely will anyone look under at the moving parts under the hood.

Management vs. Design

“I think a lot of these MBA-type executives have no idea what good design really is.”

 Daring Fireball Linked List: February 2008


Actually, I know that they know what god design is and can even recognize it when they see it.  However, the reflex responses of “that’s cool” and “that feels good” have been beaten out of them. The standard management approach to most issues is a functional list, a fit analysis and a market report. Watching the response to the iPhone in corporate world has been an education. I’ve seen tens of conversations that go…

 “..but it’s not 3G”

“yeah, but it’s works…”

“…but it doesn’t connect to our email”

“yeah, but its just better”


Normally, both parties leave the room shaking their heads.The difference between the ones that “get it” and those that don’t? Those that get it have experience!

Apple – Find Out How

Great new web site from Apple about how to use a Mac…

Apple – Find Out How – Mac OS X – Get Started With Mac – Move to Mac

However, why can’t I subscribe? Why aren’t they podcasts?


It’s not just Apple…

Dave Winer is taking on Apple’s hard disk policy. The fact that they keep the hard drives is upsetting him.

“It’s amazing to me that the tech blogosphere doesn’t treat Apple’s policy re broken hard disks as the huge gaping security hole that it is.” from It’s a security issue, folks (Scripting News)

I’d not thought about it before but this is industry standard practice. Most hardware manufacturers exchange hard drives for corporate clients every day. There is Peta-bytes of data walking out of offices around the world every day.

Apple stores having ‘gravitational pull’ on mall shoppers

Apple stores having ‘gravitational pull’ on mall shoppers – via AppleInsider

What Mr Munster doesn’t explain is why this draw exists.  I have a theory; look at the window of the Apple store…

Apple London

Now lets compare that to the window of the Fnac computer store near my home…

Can’t imagine why people are drawn to an Apple store!