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Interesting view…

“Apple started doing stores because nobody wanted to sell their PCs. Okay?”

Ballmer: Macs Don’t Get the Full MS Office, Don’t Work in Business || The Mac Observer

Even if it’s true you can be sure that they’re glad they did it now.

It’s like waiting for a bomb to explode…

How long before Steve Gillmor looks at Chrome and says “Office/Windows/Microsoft is dead”?

The Gillmor Gang

It’s a Microsoft demo, therefore no fun…

So you’ve a spherical touch sensitive screen to demo; so you’ve done the photos and the map of the world demo. Great. But how on earth did you avoid doing a crystal ball demo?

YouTube – Microsoft Surface Sphere

How things look different from a distance…

This one statement says something simple about how the BBC views the US and how the US views the UK. The BBC views the US as more important as it is; in return the US views the UK as class riddled. Both are right.

“I finally figured The Money Programme was interested because of vestigial class consciousness in British culture, and especially in British broadcasting. Bill Gates is viewed as a kind of industrial maharajah in some quarters, more so the further you get from the USA. In those parts people still think he makes a difference to Microsoft’s success or failure.”I, Cringely . The Pulpit . Go Home, Bill | PBS

If you leave too long between the beta and the product…

…someone copies your tool.
Look around by Google

And they managed to do this without breaching a patent?

Why have only one…

“If Gates & Co. had ended up snagging Booch, however, I wonder whether Microsoft’s priorities might be considerably different than they are with Ozzie in the CSA role. Might Microsoft be more business-focused than consumer-focused?”

What if Microsoft had picked a different Chief Software Architect? | All about Microsoft | ZDNet.com

What this actually shows is that Microsoft needs more than one Chief Architect; how can one person control everything from the Xbox to Live via the Zune?

Joho and market bullying…

I’ve given up counting the number of times this has happened to me…

Joho the Blog » Market bullying

Seriously, it’s madness. I once clicked on a link on my Mac to buy office; I only wanted to know how much it would cost. I was whisked away to the Microsoft web site where they tried to install something and then tried to refer me to a partner site. I never did find out the price!

FolderShare downgrade…

There are a number of articles like this around at the moment…

FolderShare vs. Dropbox – GigaOM

I’ve been a Foldershare user for years, on the whole it’s been very good except when they had “server issues”.

However, the new version is awful. The old version listed the synced directories, the number of files they contained and how they were synced. In a single page you could see the complete status.

Now Microsoft has got their developers on the case. It looks prettier but the summary view has gone. This simple change makes it much harder to use. At least they were sensible enough to keep the Mac version.

Scoble and company goals…

From Scoble…

“What is his goal? To beat CNET.

But does a great business or movement EVER get built on top of a goal like that?”

Mike Arrington’s dream team has wrong goal « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

Correct me if I’m wrong but Nike for years had the slogan of “be number one”. They just aimed for the number one in each market and went out to beat them.

And while I’m thinking about it. Isn’t that what Microsoft did for years? And didn’t Scoble work for them?

I’m confused!

Google Docs vs. Office…

“The irony is you could go out right now, and get a whole Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote) for $120 at Newegg, and you can install it on three different computers. And it works great and has tons more features than Google Docs. And it has no ads. Imagine that!”


Comment of the Day: “Google Docs is Chock Full of Fail” – ReadWriteWeb


 This is very right, but yet so wrong… 

  • Sharing documents in Office is a pain and yet so easy in Docs. 
  • This calculation only works if you’ve three PCs on the same OS to install it on.
  • Why can’t I pay Microsoft the dollar a month to avoid the up front investment?
  • All this to keep a list of CDs or write the shopping list? 

Does Docs need to improve? Yes, massively. Especially in for large data sets and with graphics but they’re out of the gate and it’s the right price.