Management vs. Design

“I think a lot of these MBA-type executives have no idea what good design really is.”

 Daring Fireball Linked List: February 2008


Actually, I know that they know what god design is and can even recognize it when they see it.  However, the reflex responses of “that’s cool” and “that feels good” have been beaten out of them. The standard management approach to most issues is a functional list, a fit analysis and a market report. Watching the response to the iPhone in corporate world has been an education. I’ve seen tens of conversations that go…

 “..but it’s not 3G”

“yeah, but it’s works…”

“…but it doesn’t connect to our email”

“yeah, but its just better”


Normally, both parties leave the room shaking their heads.The difference between the ones that “get it” and those that don’t? Those that get it have experience!