MacBook Air…

“The key to understanding the appeal of the Air is that you’ve got to stop thinking about technical specs as the primary factors. Here’s an analogy: the MacBook Air is like a sporty convertible coupe. You buy one not for practical reasons, but because it is satisfying to own something beautiful and clever and fun.”

Daring Fireball: The Appeal of the MacBook Air

If John’s right, and he normally is, this really is the end of the old hardware business.

The “you can have any color as long as it is beige” period of development is over. So is the market to split like the car market.

We can have the MiniVan PCs, the sports PCs, the executive PCs, the hummer PCs, the city PCs and they’ll all be built on the same basic chassis and only rarely will anyone look under at the moving parts under the hood.