Yes, it’s true…

“In Paris you get 50 Mbps symmetrical for 30 EUR per month!”
Why the French are ahead in broadband; will free mobile calls for ads work | Rose Cantine

Actually it’s a bit more than the 50Mbps, mine’s running at in the early sixties and every few weeks it gets faster. There is 100Mbps in the building but I can’t be bothered going through the pain of changing.

Follow the link to the previous blog and there is a lovely comment about how sharing links means that they don’t need to dig the road up three times. Note that it’s more efficient and improves people’s lives but it cuts GDP by a third!

Google changes the game…

Google has announced that they now have a forms interface to the Google Spreadsheet application…

Official Google Docs Blog: Stop sharing spreadsheets, start collecting information

This is massive news. Google is building the next generation of office and the functionality set isn’t the same as our desktop applications.

They now have applications for collecting data, manipulating data, analyzing data. All they need is workflow applications and things will get very interesting.