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When you don’t know your subject; write professionally.

blog.pmarca.com: When non-technologists write about technology

This post reminds me of something that my Dad used to say; “I’ve never read an article about a subject that I know well that was correct”.  It always made me wonder but I’ve spent years since reading articles about subjects I know looking for the exception; I’ve not found it.

The Economist is an extreme of this, I read it for over a decade and was subscribed for years. Then I realized that all articles about technology, the UK and France annoyed me because of their gross oversimplification and constant application of “Economist hope” over experience. However, the rest of the paper made sense.

Then I got thinking…

If that’s the case, does it mean that the worst written articles were always on the subjects that I knew best, or simply that I agreed with the other articles because I didn’t understand the situation and the Economist was over simplifying it?

In the end I unsubscribed and read more blogs instead!