Hugh starts work…

How glad am I that I have Moleskin 42 now? As I sit here looking at it I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been!

“Yes, I intend to sell it when it’s done. Yes, it’ll be really expensive…”

gapingvoid: “cartoons drawn on the back of business cards”: studio update: desertmanhattan

They’re all too competent…

…they’re too good at what they do. Maybe we should just change the rules slightly for every election!

“COLBERT: That means it’s not an Obama/McCain campaign. It’s a Guys Who Work for Bush/Guys Who Work for Kerry campaign. Both sides have people who are just smart enough to know “We need to tweak this dial right here,” so of course voters are divided 50/50 between the parties.”

Big Contrarian ? How big can you fuck up?

I wonder which one of the two sides the Economist will prefer…

“The name Branson means two things to British people. To most he is the country’s best-known businessman, hoist to stardom by his derring-do ballooning stunts and photo-ops with busty blondes, an anti-establishment “cheeky chappy” whose plucky airline has battled the mighty “monopoly” of British Airways (BA) and whose Virgin brand has spawned a business empire. The other, lesser-known Branson is a ruthless, wily entrepreneur who is always trying to get one over his rivals. The former thinks he walks on water; the latter skates on thin ice.”

Britain’s best-known businessman | Virgin rebirth | The Economist

For years the Economist has written profiles about how little money Branson makes, how he’s not as nice as he seems etc. What the Economist seems to want is that he look like those pilars of society bankers.

Can’t imagine why Branson doesn’t want to conform!!! Duh!


Like going back in a time machine to my childhood. What I found amazing was how optimistic this disaster movie was. In the near future all this fantastic technology would be available; OK so it went horribly wrong but what the heck.

Westworld (1973)

Also, of note is the amount of manpower that the “systems” required to run the park. We’re not used to banks of people talking anymore. It would all be run using email if they remade it now.