iPad v2…

“What’s even more exciting is that the first wave of releases on any platform usually turns out to be the least interesting showcase for what the platform can do. I believe that before too long we’ll see iPad apps that strike out into radically new territory, leaving many of the current apps — especially those who simply pull in feeds for reading or emulate print magazines — looking like brochureware sites from the 1990s.”

Subtraction.com: iPad Gripe Session

It’s try that the interesting thing about the iPad is not what it does today but what it’ll look like in a couple of years.

iOS4 is taking too long!

Fields medals 2010…

Congratulations to the IHES, France and all the medalists.

IHES – 2010 press releases

Well written Press Release that!!!

If you think that this isn’t big, watch the world respond here.


Spy Plane To Space…

This is surprisingly moving; it’s lovely how he can’t shut up in space and can’t find the words on the ground.

Spy Plane To Space on Devour.com.