I’ve never been; it’s a long way to go for an hour of driving around.

However, these comments remind me of how I felt in the developments near Disneyland Paris.

“What can I say, it’s a true horror story. A mish mash of styles from different centuries, all added together. It’s a toy town, a museum of a mythical past. There is no soul, no heart, a perfect example of the need for difference, for organic spaces created over time. Constructed squares and public spaces lay empty devoid of the community spirit that was planned. Residents live in quaint and chocolate box ideas of beauty but nothing to do with real design and need. Cars are hidden away, gravel paths replace tarmac. I was waiting to see the film crew around the corner, to see the facade pulled away from this truly ugly and dispiriting space. It’s an over sanitised middle class ghetto that stinks of narrow minded people, it’s a sad simulacra.”

www.asvisual.co.uk: Poundbury

Two Mideast States Say They Will Block BlackBerry

A couple of years ago Skype didn’t work in the UAE, then suddenly it did.

Two Mideast States Say They Will Block BlackBerry – NYTimes.com

Does this have an impact on people travelling there on business?