Mac CPU…

“Sometime in 2012, however, AMD will likely release a new, more powerful CPU core and pair that with one of its GPUs. If Apple is going to consider moving any of its products to AMD, that would be the time. Apple and AMD have been discussing Fusion over the past couple of years. Whether or not it’s simply to keep Apple’s options open is up for debate at this point. I guess we’ll find out in 2012”

Mac of the future: the CPU | Computers | Macworld

Or there is the other option.

Apple likes what they see. Buy AMD for $8bln and then swtiches. They’ll then own almost all the value in their Macs.

Lessons Learned in 10 Years on the Tech…

“Oh, you can find some gadgets whose descendants are still around: iPod, BlackBerry, Internet Explorer and so on. But it’s mind-frying to contemplate the millions of dollars and person-years that were spent on products and services that now fill the Great Tech Graveyard: Olympus M-Robe. PocketPC. Smart Display. MicroMV. MSN Explorer. Aibo. All those PlaysForSure music players, all those Palm organizers, all those GPS units you had to load up with maps from your computer.”

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