UI for Tablets…

“Graham’s piece reminds me of what I consider the central hook to a great app for these tablets: that it should seem, when you’re using it, that the entire device was meant for it. E.g., a good chess game for the iPhone should make the iPhone itself feel like a chess playing device. When you’re in Mobile Safari, it feels like you’re holding a dedicated web browsing device. Only when you’re in the Phone app does the iPhone feel like a phone.”

Daring Fireball Linked List: Tablets

This hits it on the nail. Although I’d never thought about it like this before. It explains why something as simple as the calendar app on the iPad is so satisfying and why I love Taska.

Think of the UI design like this and you’ll never want a keyboard or even a silly Playstation keypad on your phone. It also explains why those Swiss army knife utility apps are so unsatisfying.