Alex Doonesbury…

Doonesbury has grow on me over the years, I first really started reading it in Chicago all those years ago.

This summer as Alex took a massive step in her life my daughter each took massive steps in theirs.

I have a fear that Mike’s experience is a vision of my own future.

“The next day, as Mike prepares to lead his daughter down the aisle, he flashed back for a moment, seeing her not radiant in the wedding dress that brought him up short, but as a little girl with a fistful of wildflowers. “You okay?” Alex asked him. “You seem a little out of it.” “I’m fine,” her father told her. “You go play.”


Alex Doonesbury Succeeds Her Father as ‘Doonesbury’s Main Character | ThinkProgress.

Alex Doonesbury Succeeds Her Father as 'Doonesbury's Main Character | ThinkProgress

Quarterly Co.™

This is a fantastic idea. However…

Why can’t I have a random package each month? I can’t choose!

When you think how kids like opening packages, why is there not an option for my children?

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