Go Edwina…

There is only one…

Last night it was Edwina Currie who tweeted that “Italians are gorgeous even in wheelchairs”.


Paralympic Opening Ceremony: The word on the Tweet – The Media Blog.

The First Moon Walk…

It is hard to believe that we’d ever take a gamble like this again. Maybe a generation that had been through World War II and a Korean war was more willing to take chances.

“It is true that we were cautious in our planning. There were many uncertainties about how well our Lunar module systems and our Pressure suit and backpack would match the engineering predictions in the hostile lunar environment. We were operating in a near perfect vacuum with the temperature well above 200 degrees Fahrenheit with the local gravity only one sixth that of Earth. That combination cannot be duplicated here on Earth, but we tried as best we could to test our equipment for those conditions.”

Neil Armstrong Talks About The First Moon Walk : Krulwich Wonders… : NPR.

Setting precident…

“What does worry me about this lawsuit is that it’s going to lead to many more. And it makes patents even more important, and as such, more valuable. That could end up hurting many companies, both large and small. And it could distract from innovation because everyone will be so preoccupied with filing patents, looking for ones that they might be infringing upon, or in court.”

parislemon – The Costs.

Surely now that everyone has seen this happen rather than having to suffer more cases, other companies will just not copy.

I’m sure that every patent lawyer in every competitor is working this weekend reviewing the case against their product pipelines.


The People’s Prince…

Shouldn’t treat the playboy prince like any other cheap TV star, he deserves special treatment as a decedent of a medieval royal!!!

“The prince, who is third in line to the throne, is shown without clothing in two pictures taken on his trip to Las Vegas.


Royal aides are understood to be urging the British media to respect the prince’s privacy and not republish the photographs, which are likely to have been taken without his consent.”


Naked pictures of Prince Harry published by gossip website | UK news | guardian.co.uk.

Time to end the torture of these people. End the royal family and he can answer his calling as the male Paris Hilton.