Kelvin MacKenzie…

“Where does that leave me?”


Kelvin MacKenzie seeks recompense from South Yorkshire Police for decades of “vilification” after Hillsborough – Liverpool FC News – Liverpool FC – Liverpool Echo.


Leaves you where you’ve been for the last thirty years. Without shame or a soul.

The Titanic Sails at Dawn…

“The real question of this decade is not whether to compromise or not, but how much and in what way.”

mick farren, “the titanic sails at dawn” (1976) de Sylvilagus audubonii sur Myspace.

Gruber vs. Pogue on Charlie Rose Tonight…

Watch any decent film from the post war period and you’ll see actors act. Something that is lost in modern CGI filming.

In those days film cost money and therefore with a limited number of takes actors would up stage on and other. They’d move to the centre of the shot, produce a prop or gesture in a special way.

As film got cheaper, this art got lost on film, although it remains in theatre when actors are often moving upstage.

What made me think of this was watching Gruber vs. Pogue.

Daring Fireball Linked List: Yours Truly on Charlie Rose Tonight.

Gruber is new to this, he’s made is name in print (if the web counts as print). Pogue isn’t. Watch Pogue use the props that he has, a phone and a cable. He’s all action, Gruber just gets the words right!

Alex Doonesbury…

Doonesbury has grow on me over the years, I first really started reading it in Chicago all those years ago.

This summer as Alex took a massive step in her life my daughter each took massive steps in theirs.

I have a fear that Mike’s experience is a vision of my own future.

“The next day, as Mike prepares to lead his daughter down the aisle, he flashed back for a moment, seeing her not radiant in the wedding dress that brought him up short, but as a little girl with a fistful of wildflowers. “You okay?” Alex asked him. “You seem a little out of it.” “I’m fine,” her father told her. “You go play.”


Alex Doonesbury Succeeds Her Father as ‘Doonesbury’s Main Character | ThinkProgress.

Alex Doonesbury Succeeds Her Father as 'Doonesbury's Main Character | ThinkProgress

Quarterly Co.™

This is a fantastic idea. However…

Why can’t I have a random package each month? I can’t choose!

When you think how kids like opening packages, why is there not an option for my children?

Contributors c/o Quarterly Co.™.

5 principles of invisible web design…

“Design for the primary use case.

Do one thing and do it well.”

David Galbraith’s Blog » Blog Archive » 5 principles of invisible web design.

Why is this limited to Web Design. These are just good design principles for small companies.