Thank you Iceland…

“Takk fyrir Island. Thank you Iceland. Thank you for Gudmundur Benediktsson’s epic falsetto commentary, for bringing one-tenth of the population to France to take part in this odyssey, for making Cristiano Ronaldo uppity and reminding the rest of us of the essential valour of the little guy’s right to his aspirations, for competing so fearlessly to defeat England, for blowing our minds. Thank you for your co-manager’s other job in dentistry, your class and determination in searching for a first win at a major”

Iceland’s toppling of England at Euro 2016 is a triumph for the little guys | Amy Lawrence | Football | The Guardian

Swift vs the rest…

Apple spent a good part of the Keynote pushing popularity of Swift. So I looked and there is still a long way to go.

Google Trends – Web Search interest: Swift, Java, COBOL, PHP, Pascal – Worldwide, 2004 – present

What to watch in the RER…

WWDC 2016 – Videos – Apple Developer

Seriously, watching these videos in the RER is great. Learning loads. Next step, playgrounds on the iPad in the RER!

For the geeks who’ve not found it yet, there is also a wealth of technical videos on YouTube. Just search by technology!

Architects fight democracy…

“The trouble with EPCOT had always been that a city required citizens, and citizens would demand a variety of rights, including voting rights. Disney, of course, would not want to extend private citizens voting rights over the property they had fought so hard to have total control over. The situation was never fully resolved. To this day, Disney does have full time citizens who live on their property… carefully selected citizens, who have been encouraged or otherwise persuaded to vote as the Mouse tells them to.”

Passport to Dreams Old & New: Lake Buena Vista and Shaping Orlando


F1: Time for another rule change…

Mercedes said to him: “There is nothing you are doing wrong, just a setting that is incorrect.”

Hamilton: “In HTB?”Mercedes: “I’m afraid I can’t say.”Hamilton: “I might not finish this race as I’m going to try and change everything.”

Mercedes: “We do not advise that Lewis.”

Hamilton: “Can I make suggestions and you say if it’s Ok or not?”

Mercedes: “No, that’s not allowed. Let’s just got our heads down and focus on the job.”

Nico Rosberg wins European Grand Prix in Baku to extend championship lead | Sport | The Guardian

Why doesn’t F1 go the other way and open up all the data and communications in real-time. This could be the first next generation sport.

Frank Williams once said that drivers were as interchangeable as light bulbs. It’s time to admit that this is true and move on. It’s a team sport where the team is hidden, lets move them to centre stage and open it all up.

F1: “The Open Source Sport”!

Mail on Sunday: How dare you…

“This newspaper believes that this is not the time to risk the peace and prosperity of our nation.

The economy will not implode if we leave, but it is naive to assume – as the Brexiteers do – that the Europe we reject but must continue to trade with will readily cut us a new deal, let alone one better than the one we have today.

We may be lured by the notion of being marginally freer, but we will be significantly poorer. For modern Great Britain to thrive and prosper we must work with, not against, our European partners; we must keep our seat at Europe’s top table and help shape its destiny; our strong, clear voice must be heard inside Europe, not be shouted from the sidelines.

This newspaper believes in a safe, free, and prosperous future for this proud country. And so we urge you, our readers, not to take a leap into the dark. Vote to remain in the European Union – for an even greater”

:THE MAIL ON SUNDAY COMMENT: Vote Remain for a safer, freer, more prosperous – and, yes, an even GREATER Britain  | Daily Mail Online

The Daily and Sunday Mail have spent the last 25 years attacking, vilifying and lying about the EU and Britain’s relationship with other European nations.

All of these efforts have had an effect on the EU. Part of the reason today we have so much trouble finding a way forward together is because of the lack of trust that this campaign has created. The Daily Mail is not alone but its role has been key.

Today was the day for The Mail to come out and stand on its values and it didn’t. Instead it writes an editorial about leaving will hurt the wallet of its readers.

Will The Mail papers now fight for a progressive, integrated and forward looking Europe or in ten days will they be back to talking about Health and Safety, European Courts and Eurocrats?

I think that we all know the answer but the behaviour of The Mail over the last 25 years and in particular the last 25 hours bring shame on its owners, editors and writers.

New Paris Metro Map…

“We looked at Paris from a different prospective and it inspired us to create this fundamentally new map of Paris metro system, regional trains, and trams”

The New Paris Metro Map