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Leaving for Le Web 3 – One Man & His Blog

Leaving for Le Web 3 it one of a million posts about leaving for Paris.

It feels like I’m living in the center of the universe for a day. It’s rather odd sitting at my office desk reading all this stuff. I should be moving!!!

Last year, Adam wrote about his experiences at LeWeb3 (and tried to name this year LeWeb4!)…

I suspect that much of the reaction to Le Web 3 shows that the time has come for blogging and Web 2.0 conferences to start diversifying. One conference can no longer meet everyone’s requirements, and within the next few years we’re going to need to see a whole range of conferences in this area, from the very technical, to the very educational.

Le Web 3 was a brave, if faltering, step in that direction, and for that, Loïc and team deserve some praise. The really big question, though, is how well they take onboard the very valid criticisms made of the event and make sure Le Web 4 is clear and open in its intentions, and smoother in running when its time comes. I wish them well.

This all means that the question for Adam (and the others sitting on trains and planes) is very simple…

What are you expecting this year? Or, like me, are you buying blind on last years experience?

Finally, this is one of the posts that talked about a range of European conferences; has anything happened there or is Loïc dominating things?