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Enrollment for TED 2009 is open.


It’s quite humbling; I’m willing to spend 10% of my annual salary to go but the only person I ever spoken to who’s been is Loic Le Meur and that was to complain that David Weinberger had missed his speaking slot at LeWeb3.

I wonder is there is a way to buy references on eBay???

This could be massive…

Apparently is going to launch into Open Science…

Google To Become Open Source Science Repository

At Le Web 3 in 2006 Hans Rosling made a call for all data to be open and for someone to build better tools to analyze the data. He’s now at Google and in his 2007 keynote he talked about the need for technical people and presenters (he classed himself as a presenter). It seems that he’s getting his wish; this really could be a world changing project!

Wonder if they’re hiring!

LeWeb3 07 Looking Back

Jort is a collegue from Accenture in Amsterdam who I met for the first time at LeWeb3. I learnt a lot from sitting next to him for a couple of days. His notes are here…

Accenture BlogPodium /entrepreneurial-marketing/jortpossel/le-web-3-07-looking-back/

Of course, he’s missing the photo of himself…

Jort at LeWeb3

Review: Le Web 3

Last year it took me a while to recover from Le Web 3. There was the blog war and I never got around to writing what I thought of it all. This year it’s taken a week.

In summary; Le Web 3 has become the best couple of days in the year for me. I loved last year but this year I actually felt comfortable and had a real ball.

There are still areas to improve;

  • the panel discussions are often too laid back and the “on the sofa talks with Loïc” need more preparation. Otherwise, the time time slips by without any real discussion occurring. As good as the discussion with Janus Friis was, Dave Winer’s chat never really got off the ground.
  • Q&As never really happened and the mobile microphones just don’t work. Can’t we just have somewhere to queue? And please limit the number of questions per person otherwise we get the same four people over and over again.

Otherwise, all the organization was better. The speakers were fantastic, although I think that we can invite a politician back; maybe someone from the UK to talk about data privacy!

Special appreciation goes to:

– Scoble for chatting at 8am about his Kindle and being so nice. He’s far nicer in person than via his writing and videos.

– Starck for proving that you don’t need to know a language to speak it!

– Joi Ito for a fascinating talk that I’ve referred to seven times in the last week.

– Evan Williams for reteaching the importance of Zen in design without knowing it.

– JP Rangaswami for proving me wrong about BT.

– June Cohen for reminding me that it’s about the story not the technology. Interestingly, I signed up for LeWeb3 last year after seeing the TED Talks films. Everything is a circle!

Le Web 3: One Man & H is Blog on the Rose love-in

Having sat through the “interview”, this made me laugh…

Le Web 3: Kevin Rose of Digg – One Man & His Blog

There was no substance in the talk and this was the professional journalist. Cover story of Newsweek no less. It says something that the professionals play such softball.

I predict a wedding before next Christmas!

Winer and the iPhone

I sat and watched Dave Winer tale this photo this morning.

Geraldine and Loic on Flickr

What was great to see was how easy it was; and how natural.

It reminds me of the quote that any sufficiently good technology is indistinguishable from magic. Watching Dave this morning was like watching Merlin.

I however will be posting photos a lot more slowly simply because the Wi-Fi sucks and I need to sync the camera with the PC etc.

Bloody hell this is early.

I’m witing this from my mobile phone in the metro on the way to LeWeb3.

Last year this trip was five minutes on my bike. This year it’s out of bed at six and a metro across town.

Hope the coffee is worth it!

Be careful Scoble…

Google’s new My Location feature apparently saved Scoble in London and now he’s counting on it in France while at LeWeb3.

One tip: Don’t use it indoors. Or at least if you do; don’t count on the results to save your life.

In my experience it works perfectly outside but the moment you get behind a window it starts putting you in the wrong place.

Leaving for Le Web 3 – One Man & His Blog

Leaving for Le Web 3 it one of a million posts about leaving for Paris.

It feels like I’m living in the center of the universe for a day. It’s rather odd sitting at my office desk reading all this stuff. I should be moving!!!

Last year, Adam wrote about his experiences at LeWeb3 (and tried to name this year LeWeb4!)…

I suspect that much of the reaction to Le Web 3 shows that the time has come for blogging and Web 2.0 conferences to start diversifying. One conference can no longer meet everyone’s requirements, and within the next few years we’re going to need to see a whole range of conferences in this area, from the very technical, to the very educational.

Le Web 3 was a brave, if faltering, step in that direction, and for that, Loïc and team deserve some praise. The really big question, though, is how well they take onboard the very valid criticisms made of the event and make sure Le Web 4 is clear and open in its intentions, and smoother in running when its time comes. I wish them well.

This all means that the question for Adam (and the others sitting on trains and planes) is very simple…

What are you expecting this year? Or, like me, are you buying blind on last years experience?

Finally, this is one of the posts that talked about a range of European conferences; has anything happened there or is Loïc dominating things?