Ben Metcalfe doesn’t like profit on OLPCs

Ben Metcalfe has found OLPCs on eBay going for over three times the going rate (assuming that the going rate is $200).

Sad to see OLPC’s for sale on eBay at inflated prices :Ben Metcalfe Blog

He seems quite upset by the find; actually I believe a sign that this little thing could be an enormous success. There is a demand in the developed countries for the OLPC. This demand can be used to get the price down, build software and help with the OLPC “brand” in the target countries; the OLPC could be seen as more than a poor childs PC. Now the OLPC people need to get the machines out there and sell them to whoever wants them (wherever they maybe).


Simply put if they don’t flood the developed world with these machines the market will take care of it for them. They’ll be pushing machines into Africa and Latin America for them to appear on eBay at a profit. Now that maybe a great gain for the people who received the machines in the short term but long term they’re going to be big losers.