SAP blesses the iPhone

This has got to hurt if your BlackBerry. They’ve owned the business user for a while and then this happens…

SAP blesses the iPhone –

Why not dine in Didcot this evening?

Why not dine in Didcot this evening?

If you were advertising eating out; wouldn’t you put the advert in front of something nice to look at.

Update: On second thoughts, I take it back. It might well be the best view of Didcot. Look here.

Woman found canoeist photo via Google

Woman found canoeist photo via Google | Special reports | Guardian Unlimited
What a fantastic advert for Google and the internet. The best part is that you can do the search yourself.

Searching the internet is going to become a job description sooner or later.


Wikileaks isn’t talked about a lot in the press but I think that it could be one of those applications like Wikipedia that will start as a cult, have a tipping point and then explode onto the political scene.

There is something wonderful about governments refusing to admit that rendition flights exist but then I can go online and read the operating manual.

PS – Does anyone know the name of site in the UK that duplicated Hansard? I’ve lost track of it. Thanks.