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They’re still shipping and we don’t notice…

“OLPC has shipped over 300,000 units to kids around the world. They plan to ship at least another 50,000 more each month, and very likely more than that. It’s entirely possible that by the end of 2008, there will be a million OLPC systems deployed worldwide.”

gregdek: Fedora, meet OLPC. OLPC, meet Fedora.

OLPC admin is non-obvious…

So I’ve had the OLPC for a couple of weeks. I love it but there is something worrying me at the back of my mind. Last night as the latest 180Mb of bug fixes for the MacBook arrived it hit me.

There is no way for the OLPC to be low maintenance.

Let me explain. Apparently, there is a firmware update but I’m unsure which one and how to apply it. I’m sure that the response is on the Wiki but it’s not clear where I should look.

I’ve updated to build 656 of the OS (I think) but that took a couple of hours of hunting and understanding.  Once I’d found it and understood it was easy but it took a while. I’ve a friend in the US and he needs to update for his wi-fi connection to work. I can’t say to him launch the OLPC and press button X.

All this reminds me a bit of my Windows PC at home. I spend hours working (after all it’s work) on the PC ensuring that it works, is backed up, and up-to-date.

The OLPC misses an idiot option; not because its users are idiots but because not everyone has the time to invest in keeping up to date.

I know that the response from the project will be that this isn’t intended to be a consumer product. They’re right. However, not ever user in the field is going to have the time either from day one. I think there is a possibility that you’re making the learning curve too steep.

All this said. I love my OLPC (or is it my daughters?)

Be careful what you name your OLPC…

First issue that I had was getting online.


Because I’d given the OLPC and the Wi-Fi router the same name! Changed the name of the router (couldn’t work out how to change the OLPC name) and it worked in seconds.

The OLPC arrives!!!

The OLPC finally arrived on Saturday night. I’m in love, it’s a fantastic machine.

If you’ve still not got yours; pass the time reading this…

How laptop delivery breaks – OLPC

Mines in the post!!!

I was one of the owners of a missing OLPC. However, now it seems that it’s in the post.

For more information on the “scandal” of a non-profit having teething trouble…

Robert X. Cringely® | InfoWorld | OLPC: Desperately seeking St. Nick | January 28, 2008 06:36 AM | By Robert X. Cringely

Seriously, I’m not in a hurry. The comments are great.

OLPC spin-off…

This just gets more and more interesting by the day…

Former OLPC CTO aims to create $75 laptop | InfoWorld | News | 2008-01-09 | By Agam Shah, IDG News Service

How about a cheap eBook using OLPC technology?

More OLPC…

OLPC’s Negroponte seeks truce with Intel and deal with Microsoft | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com

The longer that this drags on the more it hurts Intel and Microsoft. At the moment they look like they played hardball with a charity. In the short-term they’ll win but in the long term they be hurt; it’s Netscape vs. Microsoft all over again.

OLPC sales figures announced…

OLPC campaign nets $35 million; 100,000 units go to emerging markets | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com

I’d say that selling 200,000 laptops that nobody had seen was a great start.

However, I maintain that they need to sell them outside the US and that they need more than a limited time offer.

Ben Metcalfe doesn’t like profit on OLPCs

Ben Metcalfe has found OLPCs on eBay going for over three times the going rate (assuming that the going rate is $200).

Sad to see OLPC’s for sale on eBay at inflated prices :Ben Metcalfe Blog

He seems quite upset by the find; actually I believe a sign that this little thing could be an enormous success. There is a demand in the developed countries for the OLPC. This demand can be used to get the price down, build software and help with the OLPC “brand” in the target countries; the OLPC could be seen as more than a poor childs PC. Now the OLPC people need to get the machines out there and sell them to whoever wants them (wherever they maybe).


Simply put if they don’t flood the developed world with these machines the market will take care of it for them. They’ll be pushing machines into Africa and Latin America for them to appear on eBay at a profit. Now that maybe a great gain for the people who received the machines in the short term but long term they’re going to be big losers.