I’m sorry but he left with a massive amount of publicity and got to……Calais!

Campaigner abandons cashless ‘peace walk’ from Britain to India – because the French thought he was an asylum seeker | the Daily Mail

India cancels small farmers’ debt…

 This sounds good and sensible, the country is booming so they’re investing at the bottom. Fantastic.

“The Indian government is to cancel the entire debt of the country’s small farmers in a giant scheme that will cost 600bn rupees ($15bn; £7.6bn).The move is a centrepiece of India’s latest budget, with the government also increasing education spending by 20% and health funding by 15%.”

BBC NEWS | Business | India cancels small farmers’ debt

The next paragraph states…

“Widely seen as a populist budget ahead of elections due by May 2009, Delhi has also pledged to control food prices.”

A “populist budget”, imagine that; politicians trying to keep the majority of people happy. Maybe they could try that radical idea outside of India!

Telegraph Banned words…

Damn, if they make a paper that actually does this stuff; I might have to read it…

“U-turns are reversals, about-turns or rethinks. Avoid clichés, especially horrors like “a furious row erupted” and “massive heart attack”. “Brutal murder/rape” is a tautology: we should assume all such crimes are brutal.”

Telegraph Style Book: Banned words – Telegraph

Scoble changes his mind…

“Gmail is faster. Easier to use. Has better spam blocking. A nicer interface. Is better integrated into Google Calendar, which I’ve also switched to. Is far more productive.”Switching to Gmail… « Scobleizer — Tech geek blogger

So this morning I read a Scoble link to an article about how Office was the best application because of the additional functionality. This evening he’s changed his mind.

It’s funny the way that we’ve separated email from the rest of Office but in fact they’re the same; to the point that Word is the email editor in Outlook.

If Google Docs isn’t good enough because you can’t paste an image into it. Why isn’t that an issue in Gmail?

1000 years ahead of their time…

This is the stuff of science fiction; they were a 1000 years ahead of their time; or for a thousand years after them the world didn’t live up to their high standards!

“One of the remaining mysteries is why the Greek technology invented for the machine seemed to disappear. No other civilisation is believed to have created anything as complex for another 1,000 years.”

Mysteries of computer from 65BC are solved | Science | The Guardian

It’s where you put the sticker…

“FNAC in France (but same thing goes with others abroad) always put price stickers on the songs list, meaning it is impossible to see the full selection of songs.”


MYBLOG by Ouriel: Details that drive me to buy more music online than offline 


I thought that it was just me ranting about details like this; but no. There are other ranters out there!

Google Docs vs. Office…

“The irony is you could go out right now, and get a whole Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, Powerpoint, OneNote) for $120 at Newegg, and you can install it on three different computers. And it works great and has tons more features than Google Docs. And it has no ads. Imagine that!”


Comment of the Day: “Google Docs is Chock Full of Fail” – ReadWriteWeb


 This is very right, but yet so wrong… 

  • Sharing documents in Office is a pain and yet so easy in Docs. 
  • This calculation only works if you’ve three PCs on the same OS to install it on.
  • Why can’t I pay Microsoft the dollar a month to avoid the up front investment?
  • All this to keep a list of CDs or write the shopping list? 

Does Docs need to improve? Yes, massively. Especially in for large data sets and with graphics but they’re out of the gate and it’s the right price.

Handling More Than 12 Hours on a Plane…

Ask The Readers: Handling More Than 12 Hours on a Plane?

My hot tips.

  • Take your watch off and don’t look at the time.
  • Loosen your shoe laces.
  • Sleep if you feel tired, eat if your hungry but don’t sleep because you feel you have to or eat because they’re serving food.
  • Take three different things to read; I always took a paper, a book and a magazine. You need the different tempos otherwise it gets boring.

Cars and Cities…

Looking at these photos from the wonderful ParisAvant web site I can’t help feeling that we’ve ruined our cities with cars.

Howard Kunstler would be proud of me!