Changing attitudes…

“American’s are starting to ask: for all of this investment, how do I benefit? How does it help me put food on the table, heat my home, or send my kids to college?” John Robb’s Weblog: The Cost of War debate

For most of my life American foreign policy has claimed that Europeans are “soft”. They didn’t have massive armies, refused to support American actions overseas and spent all their time negotiating.

Now the rules have changed for the last superpower will they become more “European”?

Of course, European in this context is the wrong label; Japan, China, Russia, Brazil and many others all act this way. Will the US have to do the same?

Google Gears Mobile…

This is an enormous bit of news. Steve Gillmor will talk about it for the next 9 months; “Microsoft is dead, again!”

Google Code Blog

Seriously this means that I’ll spend even more time in Google’s applications.