Blogging is dead…

Oh, the fun of linking to this from a blog!!!

“Gone, in other words, is any sense that blogging as a technology is revolutionary, subversive or otherwise exalted, and this upsets some of its pioneers. Confirmed, however, is the idea that blogging is useful and versatile. In essence, it is a straightforward content-management system that posts updates in reverse-chronological order and allows comments and other social interactions.”

Blogging grows up | Oh, grow up | The Economist

As normal our friends at the Economist miss the point.

Jason Calacanis quit blogging because he tried to turn himself into a broadcaster and found that the power of community was lost. Funny thing is that blogging is an opportunity to avoid the problems of broadcasting.

If blogging becomes just a content management system for big media we’re back where we started. Of course, that would fit the Economist just fine.