Mac App Store…

OK, it’s here.

Apple – App Store – Buy, download, and install apps made for Mac.

I’m on the record as saying that this is a massive day for Apple. Today is the day that it becomes easier to buy software for a Mac than for any other platform.

The next few weeks will contain grumbles about developer contracts and prices but the result is that today Apple has the only platform that works from end-to-end. Life gets difficult for the competition starting today.

Here are my first impressions:

  • The prices are all over the place. Obviously if you’ve charged 50€ for a packaged software for years it’s now difficult to go for volume and sell for 5€. However, I can’t see Pixelmator being 24€ for long. They probably need to be under 10€ although it’s worth more.
  • Where are Google, Real, Microsoft, Adobe and the others? I can only imagine that marketing or legal stopped them being there on day one. They’ll regret it.
  • It’s a shame that it doesn’t detect the third party software that I’ve installed.  That would have been really good.
  • Why does Software Update still exist? System Updates only?
  • Does this kill MacHeist?

Overall, there are tactical issues to solve but when the strategy is so clearly right I think that they can afford to spend to the time getting this right.