Google searches…

“They launch services that seem under-thought and over-engineered, like Google Wave and Buzz. Meanwhile, they’ve actually become worse at the thing you mean when you say “google.” For example, Paul Kedrosky tried to compare dishwashers, and found nothing but spam and gibberish”

Might makes right |

Or just try simply searching for a hotel.

Charlie Brooker shoots down Clegg…

There is only one problem when you’re a politician and you write such plain stupid things in the papers.

“There are millions of people in Alarm Clock Britain,” Clegg writes. “People, like Sun readers, who have to get up every morning and work hard to get on in life.”

Charlie Brooker: Clegg babbled about Alarm Clock Britain. Miliband invented The Squeezed Middle. What’s next – Feety Folk? | Comment is free | The Guardian.

Seriously, how old does he think people are? This is so transparent that it hurts.

Luckily, it’s good food for comics.

100 Years of IBM…

Put a fantastic director with great music and you get a brilliant film.

YouTube – IBM Centennial Film: They Were There – People who changed the way the world works.