Logitech Remotes…

I have one of these in a draw somewhere.

The hardware was fine. The software was so poor, I gave up watching TV!

Read the fucking HIG. – i didnt post for a while because i was setting up….

House price bubble…

Bursting the Express house price bubble | Full Fact

Talking about house prices like this should be banned. Seriously, I think that it reflects more the wishes of the journalist than any real analysis.

Bond’s end…

“It was true, Young had offered to make one final Bond film, but it would have to be the last film in the series.  Young felt that only with the knowledge that James Bond would not return could there be any further character growth.  He pictured an aging Connery finishing his final mission.  A Bond knowing that his life as a secret agent was over, sadly turning the keys of the Aston Martin over to a heartbroken Q, then walking silently out the door, leaving the ghosts of his adventures to haunt the faceless gray building off Regent´s Park.”

Terence Young: James Bond’s Creator?.

Unforeseeable growth…

This is lovely.

You’re supposed to believe that financial analysts have a better understanding of a market and a company than everyone else.

The BEST prediction was out by 100%.

Unforeseeable growth: Analyst failure on iPad as indicator of disruptive change | asymco

This is now a 7 billion dollar product for Apple. 7 BILLION!