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That’s got to hurt someone…

Mainly, right now, it’s just a forest of figures: 12% wiped off property prices in a year; new mortgage approvals down by 71%; house sales at a 30-year-low; bank lending to homebuyers down by £12.1bn; one in seven homeowners in negative equity within two years; repossession orders up 24%; 45,000 families set to lose their homes.

Jon Henley on Britain’s attitude to bricks and mortar | Money | The Guardian

Social Networks in the UK

While visiting the UK a few years ago I was amazed that all everyone talked about (except for the weather and house prices) was a web site called friendsreunited.co.uk.

The point of that web site was to link up with old long lost friends; it seemed at the time that the country was doing nothing with it’s time except looking up ex-girlfriends.  Even my parents had created accounts which is massive.

TechCrunch UK  now reports that the country is hooked on Facebook…

TechCrunch UK » Facebook leads the rise of social nets in UK, but niche players have a window

Can someone please do a social study on why the British are so easily hooked on social networks? Is it related to tea consumption?

What happened to FriendsReunited.co.uk? Does anyone still use it?

Britain’s Data Chernobyl; there is no end in sight…

Britain’s Data Chernobyl: more lost CDs full of thousands of personal records – Boing Boing

OK, I admit that I didn’t expect the news of the lost CDs to disappear overnight but the fact that it is still being reported as news is interesting.

In the long term, I think that this will have a massive effect on politics in the UK, US and Oz. These countries has gone from no ID laws to compiling massive lists of people post-911.

The pendulum will now swing back. It’ll be interesting to see if it swings back in such a way that the government is restricted in doing its job. After all; the government needs those bank details to pay social security money. If the government is restricted from holding that sort of information, it won’t be able to run social security.

Roger Godsiff uses his powers…

Roger Godsiff jumps off the deep end and uses his powers as a UK MP to vent his views on the England football team and English football in general.

Personally I think that it is wonderful but then I do enjoy a good rant.